Waring Pro MG855 Meat GrinderThe Waring MG-855 Professional Meat Grinder is not the most expensive on the market nor is it the least expensive but it works and I’ll tell you why I like mine and why I chose this brand.

When asked what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I’m always challenged in how to respond.

Actually, I’m a big fan of gift cards because then I can get what I want and don’t need to worry about offending the giver if something doesn’t fit – is something I would never use or I won’t spend the time to put it together.

Gift cards allow me to browse online and buy obscure items that I normally wouldn’t buy for myself. The Waring Pro Meat Grinder is one of those items.

Coming from a Scandinavian background, one of my favorite foods from childhood memory was my grandmother’s Swedish potato sausage.

It was available only occasionally at a grocery chain in the Midwest but I no longer live there and I wanted to experience that little bit of nostalgia again.

Why Choose the Waring Pro Meat Grinder?

All the appliances in my kitchen are brushed stainless so I chose the MG-855 because it went with my other appliances and because it comes with a 5-year warranty. The reviews I read in some cooking forums, in blogs and on some retail sites were pretty positive so that combined with the finish got me to buy.

It’s nice enough to leave on the counter and fits well under my upper kitchen cabinets. I bought my Waring Pro Meat Grinder through Amazon just because they’re fast, reliable and I’m definitely not a fan when it comes to going to a mall.

Many of my small appliances are Kitchenaid or Cuisinart (and I went there first) but I’ve got to say that I was pretty shocked to learn that a meat grinder attachment to a stand mixer, for either brand, costs the same as a standalone Waring.

Imagine paying almost $150 for a meat grinder attachment and then your stand mixer goes out…you’re essentially left without use of either. I prefer to grab the Waring when I need it and assembly is very easy because it only goes together one way.

What’s in the Waring Pro Box?

homemade sausageWhen you buy the Waring Pro Meat Grinder, here are the main items you’ll get in the box:

  • 1 cutting blade
  • 3 cutting plates (fine, medium and course)
  • 2 sausage attachments (one large and one small)
  • 1 food pusher with lid
  • 1 sausage making ring
  • Waring Pro Meat Grinder Instructions

They also include recipes for Italian Fennel Sausage, Chicken – Feta and Spinach Sausage, Andouille Sausage and Venison Sausage.

I’ve made the Chicken – Feta and Spinach Sausage recipe which turned out really well. I enjoy committing a Saturday or Sunday to making sausage and then load up my freezer.

This Waring Pro Makes More than Sausages

The three different cutting plates included with this meat grinder will work for just about any food you want to grind. In addition to sausage making, Waring recommends using their cutting plates for the following:

  • Fine Cutting Plate – baby food, spreads and pâtés
  • Medium Cutting Plate – relishes, ground meats used in soups or casseroles
  • Course Cutting Plate – ground meat used for chili or stew and coarsely ground vegetables

Not only do I use mine for Swedish potato sausage but it works great for making ham salad and also making corned beef hash.

Tips for using ANY Meat Grinder

If you’re new to using a meat grinder, you’ll likely make mistakes like I did…stuffing too much meat into the hopper and not using the proper sausage attachment based on grind of meat –  but it’s a quick learning curve. Here are some tips for the first time user…

  1. MG-855 Waring Pro Meat GrinderMake sure to cut your meat or vegetable strips or cubes slightly smaller than the opening on the hopper (no stuffing)
  2. Remove all tendon and bones before grinding meat
  3. Meat grinds much better when chilled but not to the point of freezing. This actually helps the meat to retain some of its juices
  4. When you do a lot of grinding, fat can build up in the grinder tube and can strain the motor. If you alternate dry bread with the meat, it helps to keep the feed screw cleaner
  5. Before you start grinding meat, if you take a small amount of fat and run it through first, it will grease or lubricate the grinding mechanism and make the meat go through easier
  6. Try not to make your sausage too thick because this will cause your casings to overstretch and crack
  7. You can season your meat or vegetables before or after grinding

What About Cleanup with the Waring Pro?

If you are making an investment in this MG-855 meat grinder, then you want be sure to take care of it properly. Of course we all know you can’t put the power unit in water but like my blender, stand mixer or food processor, wiping off the exterior with a damp cloth works just fine. I don’t use any cleaners or abrasives on it to etch the stainless surface and don’t need to.

The removable parts of the Waring Pro are not dishwasher safe but clean up perfectly well when you run them under hot water.

After cleaning the cutting plate and the cutting blade, rub a little vegetable oil on them to keep them lubricated. I store mine in a plastic sandwich bag so they don’t get the vegetable oil on anything else.

Making sausage with my Waring makes me feel a little bit like a chef. I have fun when I’m using it and couldn’t be happier for choosing it. If I’ve convinced you to give it a try, you can get it with free shipping through the link HERE.