EatSmart Digital Kitchen Scales ReviewYou probably already know that the most accurate of the different types of kitchen scales are the digital kitchen scales. The best value in kitchen scales, right now, is the EatSmart Precision Pro – Multi-function Digital Scale.

It’s currently ON SALE (as of this writing) for an impressive 44% off list price — at this price it likely won’t last through the holiday gift rush.

I certainly didn’t think I ever needed a kitchen scale, in fact, I’ve gotten along just fine without one. Had I received it as a gift, I probably would have stuck in a drawer or on a pantry shelf never giving it a second thought.

Then, I started paying attention to many of the recipes I try that list ingredients by weight and not by measurement. Previously, I would just “guesstimate” the measurement in the absence of owning a scale but why not make things easier when you can get complete accuracy in a digital kitchen scale at a cost of around $25.00?

Here why I think this, of all the digital scales available for food weighing, is worth a look. There’s no disputing its value or its features.

To begin there were 4,846 people who left 5-star reviews for this scale on Amazon. You know if someone takes the time to leave a review, they have a strong opinion about the product. With close to 5,000 people absolutely in love with this kitchen scale and its current savings, I had to check it out.

Why Quality Digital Kitchen Scales are the Best

There are several different types of kitchen scales but the digital variety gives you high precision — they can measure extremely smalls amounts (down to fractions) and update measurements practically instantly. This means, if you’re pouring sugar into a bowl, the scale will provide almost instantaneous feedback so you don’t pour too much.

EatSmart Precision Pro ReviewThe EatSmart Kitchen Scale, as with most digital scales, also has a tare function that allows the consumer to subtract the weight of the container their ingredients are placed in, from the measurement reading.

The most accurate measurement virtually guarantees success with any recipe. People on special diets, requiring portion control, also benefit greatly from a digital scale.

The Precision Pro Digital scale measures 8-inches long by 6-inches wide and is about 1-1/2 inches in thickness so it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.

You simply insert the 2-AAA Alkaline batteries that are provided when you buy the scale and you’re ready to begin using it. There are two (2) buttons on the EatSmart scale — one button on the left is the on-off-tare button. This turns the scale on and the tare function is used for removing the weight of the object you are weighing, like a mixing bowl. The second button changes how the weight of something is displayed, meaning ounces, pounds, kilograms or grams.

The platform you set your measuring vessel on is 5-inches in diameter and this scale makes no sound (like a beep) when measuring and weighing.

Pros of Owning the EatSmart Model ESKS-01 Digital Scale

      • Large visual digital display to read measurements
      • Automatic shut-off feature after 3 minutes saves on battery life
      • Batteries (2-AAA Alkaline batteries) are INCLUDED with purchase
      • Easily switch between pounds and ounces to metric units (grams) when needed
      • The tare function allows the scale to subtract the weight of the container
      • Comes in 5 color options to coordinate with any kitchen
      • Accurate up to 11 pounds
      • Not advertised as a benefit but you can also use it to weigh small packages for mailing
      • Great for weighing small non-food items like jewelry beads
      • Cleans with a soft, damp cloth
      • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects
      • Lightweight for easy handling
      • Master portion control and calorie counting for special diets

 Cons of Owning the EatSmart Precision Pro

      • A large bowl or vessel placed on the scale may obscure the digital display
      • The scale is plastic
      • Scale needs to be on a hard, flat surface to display correctly
      • Not dishwasher safe and cannot be submerged in water for cleaning
      • As a digital scale, display is in decimals and not fractions which may be an adjustment for some
      • 3-minute shut-off may be an issue for some if ingredients aren’t weighed fast enough
      • There is NO AC-adapter — this scale is battery operated only

Overall, of the digital kitchen scales available, this one is currently a great value and pretty handy in the kitchen once you get used to using it — you’ll be surprised at how many non-food uses there are for it and will wonder how you ever got along without one.