Presto Pressure CookersSurprising quality, an exceptional warranty and low price are rarely found in the same product description but all 3 come with Presto Pressure Cookers.

If you’re interested in speed cooking, convenience and love a melt in your mouth, flavor infused, fork tender piece of meat then you can’t go wrong with Presto and pressure cooking technology.

National Presto Industries been around since 1905 getting their start in the manufacturing industrial-sized pressure canners. This evolved through the years into making pressure cooking products for home use and became one of the largest manufacturers of cast aluminum cooking utensils in the world. They maintain an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What is Pressure Cooking?

My exposure to pressure cooking came in association with canning fruits and making jams. Only recently have I come to rely on my 8-quart Presto Pressure Cooker for delivering some pretty tasty results from some pretty tough cuts of meat. (NOTE: Pressure cookers come in all sizes and capacities.)

To explain how cooking under pressure works, you need to know that water boils at 212°F. When food is sealed in a pressure cooker, where no air or moisture can escape, any liquids like water or broth become superheated raising the temperature in the cooker to 250°F. The superheated liquids permeate the food cooking it faster and with greater moisture than can be achieved with conventional cooking. This is why it works so well for tough cuts of meat.

And it’s not just for meats. Save time and lock in moisture with just about any food you can think of cooking when using this method for food prep.

Great Benefits with Presto Pressure Cookers

There are certainly plenty of different pressure cooker brands to choose from but for those of us who are budget conscious, any Presto pressure cooking models are certainly worth a look. Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Presto is rated the #1 Best Budget Pressure Cookers by ConsumerSearch
  • Prepare foods up to 70% faster than conventional cooking
  • Saves time and energy with guaranteed results every time
  • ALL Presto Pressure Cookers have a 12-year warranty against any defects in product material or workmanship
  • They come with detailed instructions on use, maintenance and include easy recipes in their manuals. Click here to view the Presto Pressure Cookers Manual
  • ALL Presto Pressure Cooker parts, including the seal ring and the pressure regulator are fully immersible for easy cleanup and are dishwasher safe
  • Just about food you can think of can be cooked in a pressure cooker which makes it extremely versatile

Presto Pressure CookersWhether you are interested in Presto Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers or Presto Aluminum Cookers, you can’t go wrong with the value or the results.

One of the most popular models (the one I own) is the Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker and under $50 is an incredible value and a great gift idea for anyone who likes to cook…features of which are detailed in the short video below.

It’s especially nice for those who enjoy that fork tender roast but may not have the time for conventional oven roasting or crock pot cooking.

To see the complete selection of Presto Pressure Cookers with exceptional pricing, click here.