Making Fluffy Scrambled EggsFor many of us making fluffy scrambled eggs was cracking two or more into a bowl, adding a little milk and whipping them with a fork before pouring them into a hot buttered pan.

I for one didn’t know that scrambling the eggs in a bowl beforehand affected the texture.

I also didn’t know that seasoning with salt before cooking starts to break down the egg and can lead to a watery delivery.

Always curious about new ways to improve my cooking skills, I ran across this video that Gordon Ramsey made for making fluffy scrambled eggs and it’s included below.

While I didn’t add the crème fraîche like he does in the video, I did try a teaspoon of low-fat sour cream, used chopped chives and even added in some finely diced ham.

What an amazing breakfast with plenty of flavor and now a new comfort food favorite! Did you know that eggs are only about 70 calories each?

Scrambled Eggs Have Health Benefits Fluffy or Not

Eggs come with some pretty amazing health benefits, one of which is protein. It’s been said that eating protein in the morning, like making fluffy scrambled eggs, helps to reduce your calorie intake by preventing the need to snack between meals.

Making Fluffy Scrambled EggsThere are approximately 6 grams of protein in a single egg and that adds up to the 12% recommended for your daily intake. Because the protein in eggs is high quality, it provides good amino acids responsible for keeping you energized and feeling fuller longer.

When making fluffy scrambled eggs you also get the benefit of anti-oxidants which promote anti-aging and contribute to better eye health.

There are 13 essential vitamins and minerals found in eggs that support cell function, aid in digestion, provides oxygen transport for red cell development plus contributes to healthy, teeth and bones.

Did you know researchers discovered that those who are overweight and ate a breakfast with 2 eggs 5 times a week lost an average of 65% more weight than those who ate bagels for breakfast? Researchers have also stated that eating eggs are more satisfying than carbs and make you feel fuller longer.

Add these new cooking techniques in making fluffy scrambled eggs and who knows, you might just drop a pound or two.

Making Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Ramsey Style