If texture is as important as taste when eating oatmeal, then when you make steel cut oats, you’ll get plenty. Because steel cut oats are minimally processed and take longer to cook they can be similarly compared to popular dried bean varieties.

Make Steel Cut OatsNot only strong in nutritional value, steel cut oats come with a host of added benefits – some of them you may not have previously considered.

Just what are steel cut oats and why should you make steel cut oats vs rolled oats? Rolled oats are simply oats that have been “rolled” or flattened into flakes by heavy machine rollers.

Steel cut oats are those that have been cut by steel blades into small pieces in lieu of flakes as with rolled. Because the pieces are more dense in their raw form than flat flakes and since they are the least processed variety, they have a slight edge on nutritional value but take longer to cook.

Both rolled oats and steel cut oats come from the part of the oat shaft called the “groat“. The processing of this whole grain is solely responsible for its labeling.

Steel Cut Oats Nutrition Starts with Fiber

Oatmeal in general is a great source of complex carbohydrates, a macro-nutrient responsible for providing you with your energy. Fiber of 4 to 5 grams in each 1/4 cup serving does not break down as carbohydrates do and substantially aids in proper function of your digestive track. Fiber provides the added benefit of making you feel fuller.

When you make steel cut oats you get a good source of iron that provides about 10% of your daily minimum requirements. Add to that the protein it contains and you get great support in  a secondary energy source plus an avenue to replace proteins depleted in your body’s cells, tissues and organs.

10 Tips to Make Steel Cut Oats Benefit You

  • You might be surprised at the large list of medical problems that benefit from the use of oats – and these are in addition to its nutritional benefits! Check out the medicinal uses for oats HERE.
  • You can use steel-cut oats as an extender for ground meat like in meatloaf – great for people on a budget. Since the flavor of steel-cut oats is rather bland on its own, you need not worry about the oats taking away any flavor from your ground meat recipe.
  • Get the extra nutritional benefit by replacing the bread crumbs in meatloaf with ground oatmeal. See the ratio HERE. Also good for meatballs and burgers.
  • Make steel cut oats, ground, and get a great (and healthy) thickener for soups and stews.
  • Grind steel-cut oats in a food processor and use it in place of all-purpose flour to add undetectable fiber to cookies, quick breads and waffles. The added fiber will make you feel fuller longer.
  • Oats provide the same odor dampening properties you get with baking soda. An option container of dried oats in your refrigerator will eliminate any lingering smells from that week old carry-out.
  • Know how cat litter is used for oil leaks on your garage floor? Dried oatmeal works great for absorbing kitchen oil spills. Make sure it’s uncooked and leave it on your oil spill for 5 minutes minimum.
  • Coarsely ground steel-cut oats, seasoned with spices, produce a golden, crunchy alternative to baked chicken or fish. Capitalize on that toasted oat flavor.
  • Make steel-cut oats a savory dinner time alternative that can be used in everything from risotto-style side dishes to a vegetable torta.
  • For those who enjoy a home brew, steel-cut oats can make a great stout. Find oatmeal stout recipes HERE.