folding utility cartEverybody shops for groceries their own way and my way necessitated I find a folding utility cart or some type of collapsible wagon to haul 20 or more of those over-stuffed grocery bags I accumulate on each trip.

Some people buy their groceries on an as needed basis but my grocery shopping (once or twice a month) can be classified as an event.

While a lot of us start out with the best intentions in getting just what we need, I have a tendency to navigate the grocery aisles like I’m on an expedition hunting for new products to try.

Naturally, plenty end up in my grocery cart and fill the back end of my SUV.

The journey from my garage to my kitchen is no short distance so hauling bottled water, canned goods, and over-sized items like paper towels and toilet paper ends up taking more than few trips back and forth.

Why the MAC Sports Folding Wagon Ranks No. 1 with Me

Needing to figure out how to minimize my effort between the car and the kitchen my initial solution was to buy a traditional kids Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon but I was shocked to see this simple child’s toy costs upwards of $100.00.

collapsible wagonWhat I didn’t want was one of those utility carts you see the stereotypical “bag ladies” pushing around city streets in the movies. Not only are they narrow but they don’t provide the versatility I was looking for.

After much research, including plenty of shopping online, checking out the big box stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club and Target, I ended up buying a red MAC Sports Folding Utility Cart.

This utility wagon is beyond awesome in my book — so much so I bought one for my parents as well as my brother and his wife.

It’s available in blue, red, brown, green and black and is one of those items that when you get it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

It’s available at all year but it is also seasonally available at Costco and Sams Club late summer and early fall.

The Features and Benefits of this Collapsible Wagon

One handy feature in this folding utility cart is it collapses down to just 8″ wide. This makes it easy to store against a wall in your garage, in a basement, in a closet or even under a bed if you’re short on space.

It has stout steel frame construction which gives this utility cart a weight carrying capacity of 150 pounds. Some of the other features are:

  • It has 8″ molded wheels
  • The frame is well-made sturdy powder-coated steel
  • The OPEN dimensions of the folding utility cart are 35.51″L x 20.2″W x 22.52″D
  • The FOLDED dimensions of this collapsible wagon are 29.49″L x 20.2″W x 7.99″D
  • The material is 600D nylon, waterproof fabric — the same used in quality luggage and tactical vests where durability matters.
  • It comes with a drawstring bag to store the entire unit
  • There is NO ASSEMBLY required. Buy it — use it instantly!

Benefits of the MAC Sports Folding Wagon

Hauling groceries is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the available options for this utility cart’s use. Here are just a few things this folding wagon excels at and be sure to checkout out the short video below:

  • Great for hauling golf bags, shoes and cooler
  • Handles all types of school sports equipment from gym bags, to balls, cleats, nets, bats and bases
  • Great for transporting those 1 and 5 gallon plants you want to add to your garden — not to mention garden tools, potting soil and fertilizer
  • Packs tents, coolers, camp stoves, sleeping bags and other gear for those camping and hiking trips
  • Just think of how easy it will be to haul fireplace wood for any cold winter nights
  • This doubles as a great dock cart for fishing, boating, kayaking, tubing and lake trips
  • It is also tops for moving boxes full of documents, books, small appliances and office equipment, bottled water, dishes, etc.

While this seems the easy solution to all common hauling inconveniences, it will have its drawbacks for some. The overall unit weighs about 26 pounds and while this isn’t a problem for most users, there will be some people that may have difficulty lifting this folding cart.

There have also be some user comments regarding difficulty in steering this folding wagon which I personally, have not experienced. I think what some don’t realize is that the wagon’s handle does not turn the wheels — check it out in the video above.

The wheels themselves pivot all the way around and adjust to the direction in which you are pulling the wagon.

Maintenance Couldn’t Be Easier with the MAC Sports Wagon

Because you’ve got a waterproof liner and coated steel, cleanup is easy. Just use your shop vac to vacuum any loose dirt or hose it out with a garden hose. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before folding it for storage.

In summary, I can’t recommend this highly enough. I’ve had mine for 2 years now, use it all the time and it’s still in pristine condition…one of my best investments.

It’s also that perfect unique gift idea.

Get the Mac Folding Utility Cart Here