emson electric smokerThe Emson Electric Smoker masters meat smoking in your kitchen and here’s why. If you love barbecued brisket but don’t have the backyard or the smoker to make it – no worries!

You can stop looking for that cut-it-with-fork, melt in your mouth brisket at your favorite restaurant chain because you can make it at home when you own an Emson Electric Smoker for brisket.

I discovered this little gem by accident. I’m a big fan of a good brisket and know that making one takes a lot of time, cooking it low and slow to get the best flavor and tenderness out of an otherwise tough piece of meat. I was certainly skeptical at first that the Emson Electric Smoker would work, especially because of the price but I have no regrets.

The Emson Electric 5-quart Smoker is an indoor pressure smoker which acts like a pressure cooker and a smoker all rolled into one. And, it’s about the size of your standard crock pot.

Not only do you get your favorite barbecued smoked brisket, but you get it in a fraction of the time you would have to do it the conventional way. You’re not restricted to just brisket either, you can smoke cheeses, smoke chickens or fish either by hot method or cold, your choice.

What is an Indoor Pressure Smoker?

buy Emson Electric SmokerThe Emson Electric Smoker is an easy to use, self-contained unit eliminating the mess and ash from charcoal and burned wood. It keeps smoke out of the air, and even collects the condensation.

Directions are pretty straight forward and I found it to be pretty fool-proof. All you need to do is put the meat, cheese or fish to be cooked in the basket, add half a cup of water, add wood chips to the little box (only if you’re going to be smoking it) choose your cooking method (hot or cold smoke, pressure or steam, or brown, set the timer, push a button and walk away.

By the time you get done with your side dishes, your smoky brisket (or whatever you choose) will be done.

The maximum capacity for the Emson Electric 5 Quart model is 4 pounds of meat which equals a pretty good-sized chicken, a bunch of chicken wings, a decent sized brisket or pork loin or even a turkey breast…not to mention ribs or smoked sausage…yum!

The Emson Electric Smoker Cuts Cooking Time

Emson 5 Quart Pressure SmokerThe indoor pressure smoker will cook a barbecue brisket in only one hour…5 times faster than your conventional cooking method. The combination of a pressure cooker and smoker in one appliance increases the internal pressure by 15 psi, cooking food up to 70% faster causing your wood chips to release their fragrant, flavor-enhancing smoke.

The internal chamber requires only 3 to 5 wood chips (which you can find at just about any grocer) to give you that authentic barbecue smoke flavor. All of the hot smoke is contained inside the smoker until the pressure is released.

I would recommend placing the smoker under your kitchen exhaust fan when you open it because the smoke smell is noticeable in an otherwise smoke free kitchen.

This smoker-pressure cooker combo comes with 4 racks and uses about 1,000 watts of power. I have the Emson Electric Smoker 5-Quart model but it also comes in 7 Quart…again, about the size of a large crock pot.

To recap the features of the Emson Electric Smoker 5-Quart Model you get:

      • 5 quart capacity (or 7 quart)
      • 4 pounds of meat (6 lbs in the 7 quart)
      • 4 adjustable racks to layer your food
      • use as a smoker, or
      • use as a pressure cooker
      • digital controls for easy use
      • set it and forget it
      • plugs into a standard AC outlet
      • has an automatic timer
      • size is 11-1/2”x13”x11”
      • weighs 13 pounds


If you love smoked meats and want the flexibility of having them year around, regardless of where you live, plus the bonus of getting them in a fraction of the time, then this investment just might be for you!