Anolon Advanced WokA search for the best wok can take you to literally hundreds of  brands and manufacturers leaving you on information overload and to the point of making no selection at all.

Whether I’m looking for the best wok or the best toaster oven, many times I just give up because there are too many options from which to choose.

Our time is certainly valuable and so here I hope to make your journey for the best wok a little easier and a little less frustrating. I own the Anolon Advanced Non-stick Wok and quite frankly was surprised at its wide range of uses in addition to stir-fry.

I Wasn’t Looking for the Best Wok or Anolon

best wokAround the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are always suppliers or trades that stop by the office with fruit baskets or gift cards as a way of saying “thanks” for doing business with them during the year.

Last year I received such a gift card, attached to catalog, with a number of selections to pick from.

Not needing any jewelry, a new vacuum cleaner or monogrammed bath towels, the Anolon wok stood out because I did not have one in my kitchen arsenal.

This wasn’t something I would typically go out and buy so the gift card gave me the opportunity to buy it and try it without any risk.

As it turns out, it is one of the best gifts I could ever give to myself. I mean how many times do you get to hit a home run your first time at bat?

If you want something solely for stir fry, you can probably do with less, because this is not cheap to buy, but I use mine now more than I use my dutch oven or stock pots.

Why This is a Super Multi-Tasker

When the wok arrived, I was a bit shocked at it’s size. Not having owned a wok before I didn’t expect anything this large. It measures 14 inches across and 17-1/4 inches from handle to handle. To put this in perspective, my Calphalon dutch oven measures 10 inches across and my Calphalon 8-quart stock pot only measures 9 inches across. This wok is large and wide at the top and is 5-1/2 inches deep where my dutch oven is only 4 inches deep.

The handles and the lid are rubber covered so there is no slipping or worry when it comes to stirring hot food. You’ll note in the picture that the lid has about a 9 inch circle of tempered glass surrounded by stainless steel so you see what’s cooking without lifting the lid.

I rarely use it for stir-fry anymore (although it’s great for that) but more as my “go to” dutch oven, saute pan, soup pot, and stew pot. I like the wide open top on it for stirring, much easier than getting to the bottom of an 8-quart stock pot.

Why I think it’s simply the best wok is because it has so many features all perfectly orchestrated to work together.

  • It is metal utensil safe
  • It’s easy to handle and not too heavy
  • You get a perfectly even distribution of heat so you have no hot spots
  • NOTHING sticks to it
  • Its good with oven temps up to 400 degrees
  • Clean up is as good as a swipe with a paper towel
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Anolon is known for exceptional quality and customer service
  • It’s quality made to last for a long, long time

Best Wok – Best Price

After doing a little bit of research, it looks like Amazon is once again at the head of the pack for best pricing. Some of the other manufacturer’s, like Calphalon for those of us who are usually brand loyal, have similar woks but at twice the cost and that’s on sale!

In my opinion and as an satisfied owner, this is your home run for best wok at the best price for the features and benefits you get.